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5 Simple Steps to start selling online at Epepea - Ways to Generate income before opening your Retail store

Epepea is Kenya's fastest growing online supermarket that presents opportunities to both their customers and business owners on one platform. Epepea Online Supermarket provides business owners an opportunity to sign up as vendors on the platform. This gives vendors a chance to sell their products online.  Signing up as a vendor on Epepea is absolutely Free with no hidden charges. Our rates are calculated at 5% of the item on sale. For example, an iron box which you are selling at 1500 our commission will be 5% which is Kshs 75, which will be deducted from the total sale. When you make a sale, you receive your kshs1425, which is less our 5% commission via M-pesa and Epepea will keep the 5%, (Which is kshs 75 in this case). Delivery fee is charged on the customer but handled by Epepea. Note, that we deliver within 3 hours for grocery items and 24 hours for other items, of the order being placed if it's within Nairobi and its environs. We do pick it up as per order so you need to have a convenient pick up point or shop.  This allows you as a seller to meet on one platform together with our customers who get to view your products from our platform and purchase it without necessarily having to move a muscle. Ensuring you get a higher customer turn-over purchasing your items. The big question is HOW DO I START SELLING ONLINE and Be Part of Epepea's Growing Vendor's list? Below are the steps to take when signing up as a vendor to sell online on Epepea    1. Log onto the website at Epepea and you will be directed to our home page.    2. On the menu bar, you will be able to view the SELL ONLINE tab. Click on the sell online which displays a vendor's account menu. Click on that to start your signing up process.      3. You will be re-directed to create your own account if you never had one or login if you had initially created an account. Make sure to check your email to confirm you have created a new account.     4. Once you create an account and you login, you will be re-directed to the vendor registration form. Here, you are required to fill in a form with your personal details which include name and genuine and working email address for purposes for re-confirming your sign up and details about what you will sell on the description part. Once done, click register.  Kindly check you email for a confirmation email. This is to confirm you have setup your store successfully. Skipping this step will mean you will not be able to access your store online.    5. Once confirmed, go back to the website and under the sell now tab it will display a vendor account menu, click on that and your vendor store will be displayed as follows.   In case of any errors, feel free to contact us by using the live chat on the website or call us on 0789018507 From here, you as a seller can be able to add your products, check on orders regarding your products and add discounts to your products.  Check out our next post on how to add products successfully to your online store.   Thank you for choosing to be part of Epepea. We are happy to welcome you on board as part of the family.        
Daisy Adhiambo

Daisy Adhiambo | Founder Washroom Accessories

In this week’s vendor’s blog, we featured Daisy Adhiambo, the founder of Washroom Accessories Kenya. She is currently a student, at University of Nairobi, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Management. Her business (as the name of the business suggests), mainly deals with washroom accessories, that is; disposable seat covers, and add on bidet attachments. She started the business in November 2017. She took the risk of introducing a product that neither do many people know of, nor do they find any use of using it.That was risky, right? 
Everything you need to start an online store and sell online

Everything you need to start an online store and sell online

Everything you need to start an online store and sell online Selling online with your own online store has never been easier, faster, or more scalable. Impress your customers with a beautiful store.   The key part about selling online is Driving traffic to your store   Whether you haven't started marketing your new online store or have been trying to get sales without any luck, getting your first real customer is a key milestone for every ecommerce entrepreneur.  


Shopping online can be one tiresome activity when you fall under the arms of one malicious hacker hidden behind a computer desk, sniffing around your computer remotely to acquire your details. Malicious hackers will always be around doing some sniffing to see where that great opportunity kicks in in form of a loophole. Banks have fallen under the arms of these hackers and other malicious people who aren’t hackers in any form. Who are we, to escape from their ruthless form of hunting? Stories have been told and
Online food shopping deals: Best supermarket savings to knock cash off your supermarket shopping in Kenya

Online food shopping deals: Best supermarket savings to knock cash off your supermarket shopping in Kenya

Shop Groceries online in Kenya at the lowest prices on Epepea. ... If you looking for the perfect online supermarket to deliver all your groceries, you are on the right platform. ... Get access to all exclusive offers, discounts and deals! The supermarket and major brands price war is on, and Kenya’s biggest grocery supermarkets are battling it out to

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