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Home Made Family Bread

Home Made Family Bread

FAMILY BREAD (ENOUGH TO FEED 4 HUNGRY TEENAGERS) Ingredients - Makes 4 Loaves 4 cups warm water (not hot) teenager 1/3 cup sugar or ¼ cup honey
390.00 KES each Peptang pure african honey 500gm Peptang pure african honey 500gm
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2 packets or 4 teaspoon dry yeast
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1 table spoon salt
39.00 KES each Kensalt 1kg Kensalt 1kg
1/3 cup melted margarine or oil
195.00 KES each Prestige margarine 500g
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12 cups (Approximately) white or whole flour or a combination
155.00 KES each Soko all purpose wheat flour 2kg
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Method The first thing you need is a big bowl or clean dish to mix this up in. I use a huge glass bowl. But I used to use the same plastic basin I washed the dishes in. I would wash in with a little bit of bleach, rinse it really well and them dry it completely. In some ways it worked better because it fitted on my lap more conveniently due to the shape. But the glass dish does look more like I know what I am doing. So much for appearances. So anyway mix the water, and sugar in the bowl. Add the yeast, sort of sprinkled on top. Allow the mixture to sit until the yeast dissolves. This will only take a couple of minutes. Add the salt, margarine or oil and the flour. Mix with mwiko until it gets still and then dig in with your hands. When the dough is in a nice cohesive ball, turn it out onto a floured kitchen table or counter. Or you can just live in in the bowl. Now start kneading the dough with all the love you have for your family. Press the dough and send big love vibes into it. Stretch the dough and impress all of your compassion and generosity into it. Remember why you love your kids, and your spouse and your mum or your dad, and just put it all into the dough. Knead it like this for a full ten minutes. Add more flour if you need to as you go along. Coat the dough with oil, about 2 table spoons or it and put into a bowl. Cover it with a towel or plastic wrap and let it set in a warm place to rise for about an hour or so. It should double in bulk. It may take up to two hours on cool days, so be patient. Punch down the dough by literally pressing your fist into the center of it. Divide the dough into 4 equal lumps. Coax them into loaf shapes and place them into large well oiled loaf tines. If you don’t have enough loaf tins, use cake tins or whatever. Cover the dough with a cloth or more plastic wrap and let it rise again. It should take less time to the second rising. When the dough is risen up enough, bake the loaves at 200 degrees for 40 minutes. You can tell the dough is done if you turn it out or the plan and thump the bottom with your fingers. It should make a dull hollow sound. If it doesn’t sound hollow, put it back into the tin and cook it some more.
Shop online on Epepea and Magunas supermarket

You can now have your shopping delivered to you at home

In an effort to remain safe from the ongoing rampant infection of the COVID-19, shopping has been made even easier! This is thanks to a partnership between Epepea and Magunas Supermarket. The partnership intends to bring your basic home needs right to your doorstep. All you have to do is log in to the Epepea platform and follow this simple procedure: HOW DO I PLACE MY ORDER? Once you log on to the store you choose , you can search for items by; Searching for the products by keying the product on the ‘Search’ bar Browsing the ‘Category menu’ Contacting Epepea Support Agents through the chat and request for the product(s) if you have a challenge in navigation Once you find the items, click the “Add to Cart” button. After adding the item to the cart, a popup on the side will appear, giving you the options to either continue shopping or to check out. You can also click on ‘My Cart’ to check out. If you have an account and have not logged on, you will be prompted to ‘Sign In’ to your account or if you do not have an account, you will be required to ‘Register’ and create a new account if this is your first order. You can also check out as a guest. Enter a ‘Shipping Address, choose a shipping method, and enter your payment information. Review your order details. Be sure you’ve applied any Gift Cards or promotional codes you would like to use on your order. Click ‘Place your order’. Once payment has gone through you will then receive an email with the order details, and a text that the order has been confirmed.
Dawaat Recipes

Reward your Dad with NIVEA Men hamper!!

Dads have a way of sharing advice without saying a word. Such as this story we heard of a girl whose dad bought her a book on etiquette to pass a message to her. We would love to hear your stories of some of your Dad’s unspoken advice. Nivea will celebrate the top responses by rewarding your Dad with NIVEA Men hamper! NIVEA wants to celebrate dads this Father’s Day 2019. Get a NIVEA Men hamper which contains 5 NIVEA Men products. Like the NIVEA Men Facebook page and tell us about your dad depending on the call to action for each post. Comment on the post of the NIVEA Page from which you’ve participated in and tag your friends. OVERVIEW 1. Participants must be residents of Kenya to participate in the NIVEA Father’s Day Competition.2. The Facebook competition shall run from Thursday 13thJune 2019 to Sunday 16th June 2019 at 11:59pm.3. The competition is only open to participants with valid Facebook & Instagram accounts. 4. Employees of BEIERSDORF EAST AFRICA LIMITED and its associated companies are not eligible to enter the competition.5. The competition will be conducted through the NIVEA East Africa Facebook page (, the NIVEA Instagram Page ( And the NIVEA Men Facebook page ( 6. Participants must like our NIVEA Men Facebook page for their entries to be valid. HOW TO PARTICIPATE 7. Participants are to like the NIVEA Men Facebook Page.8. Post a comment submitting a story of their father that is connected to the call to action for the respective post(s). 9.The comment with the most likes and most compelling story will win a NIVEA Men Hamper. 10. Competition will run from Thursday 13th June 2019 to Sunday 16th June 2019 11:59 pm. 11. Any submissions made after Sunday 16th June 2019, 11:59pm will not be eligible for consideration. 12. The selected entries may be used as the cover photo of our NIVEA Men Facebook page and for any other promotional material. 13. Winners will be required to provide details of their dad and/or the person they will provide the NIVEA Men hamper to.
Dawaat Recipes

NuVita Mini Digestive Biscuits recipes

These Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes are the perfect little bites of heaven especially when sitting on a base of your favourite #NuVita Mini Digestive Biscuits! Enjoy!*MAKE SURE TO SHARE THIS VIDEO SO IT SAVES TO YOUR TIMELINE* Ingredients:NuVita Mini Digestive Biscuits400gms Cream Cheese1 egg1/4 cup whipping cream1/2 cup sugar1/2 tsp vanilla essence  See video on how to prepare:
Dawaat Recipes

Dawaat recipes

Here is a delicious #throwback and a super tasty meal to make this Ramadan! This Fish Biryani is perfect for dinner. Get ready to dig into some fantastic flavours! #DaawatRice*MAKE SURE TO SHARE THIS VIDEO SO IT SAVES TO YOUR TIMELINE* Ingredients:1 1/2 cups Daawat Basmati Rice, cooked1 tilapia fish fillets1/4 cup onion paste1 tsp garlic paste2 tsp ginger paste1 tbsp chilli powder1 tsp turmeric powder1/2 tsp garam masala1 tbsp natural yoghurt + 3/4 cup natural yoghurt2 tbsp oilSalt1/2 cup heavy cream2 tbsp fried onionsCoriander leaves   Watch the video on how to prepare here:
After School snacks

3 Healthy after school snacks your child will love

3 Healthy After-school Snacks It can be so easy for them to grab a bag of chips to snack on in the afternoon but, as research continues to show, simple carbohydrates aren't necessarily your kids' friends. 1. Yogurt Yogurt is an easy, grab-and-go, nutritious snack that most kids find yummy. It's also a great source of calcium and vitamin D, and studies show eating it can boost a body's ability to build strong bones. While it's naturally packed with goodness, pay attention to the yogurt you buy -- avoid ingredients that you can't pronounce, artificial coloring and high-fructose corn syrup. Bring home organic, low-fat or non-fat varieties to keep this snack healthy. Add honey for sweetness, and have fresh fruit and dried fruits on hand for kids to add as toppers. Or whip up a yogurt smoothie that contains your child's favorite 100 percent pure fruit juice and fresh fruit. 2. Peanut Butter Sandwich Peanut butter sandwiches are a long-standing snacking tradition, whether after school or as a Break snack in school. Peanut butter is rich in both protein and fiber, and when you make the sandwich on whole wheat (or another whole-grain bread) you also increase the high-fiber carbohydrates. And that's all good news for kids. Don't spoil little appetites, though. A half a sandwich will go a long way to satisfy after-school snack attacks.   3. Keep washed, snack-sized fruits and veggies on hand in the refrigerator along with dipping options. Use single-serving containers to pre-portion the amount that's served up -- and kids can easily serve themselves this way. And when you're shopping, ask the kids to help choose which fruits and veggies you buy -- if they picked them out, they're more likely to eat them.

Win up to Sh200K with #FaceOfWeetabix campaign from Weetabix!!

What would you do with a cash prize of 200K? Well Weetabix has come up with a fun way of involving your kid’s creativity for fun prizes. To participate, submit your Weetabuddy creations on the Weetabix’s wall on Facebook, or on Instagram using the hashtag #FaceOfWeetabix . The more times you post a unique Weetabuddy, the higher your chances of winning! The offer runs till end of June. Weetabix East Africa Ltd locally manufactures East Africa’s leading Breakfast cereal, Weetabix under license from Weetabix Ltd UK. The company also markets its imported range of products which includes Weetaflakes, Alpen Muesli, Alpen Snack Bars, Weetabix Minis, Weetos, Fruit & Fibre, Branflakes and Oatibix. The goal of the company is to be the leading Breakfast Cereal Manufacturer in Africa, producing high Quality Breakfast Cereal to not only meet, but surpass consumer’s expectations. Weetabix has a strong heritage having been in the local scene for more than 30 years. The Weetabix brand currently commands the largest market share in the country. Weetabix offers many unique selling points, including: A nutritious, instant and healthy breakfast, Rich in fibre; Low in fat, sugar and calories, Great taste, Affordable for all market segments and Available throughout the country. Weetabix is available in five sizes, indicating the company’s desire to encourage all consumers irrespective of their income to eat a healthy breakfast. You will find the cereal in 37g, 112g, 225g, 450g and 900g across the supermarkets and even your neighbourhood shops. The brand has recently extended its horizons beyond the East African region.  
Unga wa Dola

Atta Mark Carrot Muffins Recipe (Unga wa Dola)

  Ingredients 1 cup caster sugar 2 cups Unga wa Dola Atta Mark 1 Flour 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 2 tsp cinnamon powder 1/2 tsp ginger powder 1/4 tsp nutmeg 1/2 tsp salt 2 eggs 1 cup natural yoghurt 1/3 cup oil 1 1/2 cups carrots, grated Steps   In a large bowl, mix together caster sugar, atta mark 1 flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, nutmeg and salt. Pour the mixture into the dry ingredients and use a spatula to mix. Don’t over mix. Once combined, add the grated carrots and fold in with a spatula. Line a muffin tray with cake liners and scoop in the batter filling it 3/4 way up. Sprinkle some grated carrots on the top and lightly mix it in with a toothpick to prevent the exposed carrots from charring. Bake in a preheated oven at 200C for 20 minutes. Cool completely before serving.
Dairyland Products

East Africa Pastry Expo Kicks off on 16th May!!

The East Africa Pastry Expo starts tomorrow! The Expo, courtesy of Dairyland Products will be happening at Sarit Expo Hall beginning 16th May -to 18th May this year!! You can go have a taste of the different pastry varieties available starting from 10am to 5pm. Lot's of sampling of sauces, whipping cream and compound chocolate and more.Entry is absolutely free!
Elianto Offers

Get Sh500 off pizza, movies or manicure with Elianto

Buy Elianto 5 litre can and get either free manicure or 500 bob off. This is an offer from Bidco Africa’s finest cooking oil. The offer runs in Eldoret, Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi. In a Facebook post promoting the offer, the company links this to Mother’s day celebrations and noted: “Let's make Mother’s day an everyday affair this month. Buy her Elianto 5 litres, get a guaranteed ksh 500 off pizza and enjoy it together.” It reads adding that T&C Apply.  To access the offer, one is expected visit to activate the Unique Voucher Code (printed on the voucher) with basic details like Name, Mobile, No, Email ID. Here is the procedure to follow Please choose one option from Free Manicure/Movie/Pizza You will receive the respective authentication code to give booking details for Free Manicure/Movie/Pizza on your mobile number and email On receipt of the authentication code, visit the respective site again to book/order your offer using this authentication code. For pizza and Movie, make the balance payment after deducting KSH 500/- You will receive your booking confirmation for Free Manicure/Movie/Pizza as per your booking details. The last day of registration is 15 th March 2019 and the last for redemption 15 th April 2019. For any queries please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Call 0795349982/0750809738 Lines open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5.00pm For Movies claims you are expected to redeem the Sh500 bob off of the tickets at the following outlets.    Movie Redeeming Points Garden city Mama Ngina street CBD Nakumatt Mega City Kisumu Ngong road Junction mall Ngong road Prestige plaza Nyali road mombasa Panari sky center Mombasa road Parklanda sarit centre westlands Westgate mall westlands     Pizza redeeming points Buruburu Greenspan mall/ Donholm Union towers (Moi Avenue) Lusaka road/ DT Dobie Belle Vue (Mombasa Road) Embakasi Kitengela Forest Edge (Galleria Mall) Langata road Rongai Valley Arcade Milele road (Ngong) Ngong road Westlands Parklands (Limuru Road) Waiyaki Way Thika Road Mall (TRM) Ridgeways (Kiambu Road) Thika Bazaar (Thika Town) Two rivers Mall            

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