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8 Great Things to Do If You're Single on Valentine's Day

  Rationally, you know being single on Valentine’s Day is no big deal. Yet if you find yourself feeling a tinge of sadness as you spot your coworkers’ bouquet deliveries, or irritated as you stroll past aisles of teddy bears and Valentine's Day chocolate and candy, that’s totally okay — and normal. “At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel seen, heard, valued, and appreciated,” says Jennifer Taitz, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and author of How to Be Single and Happy. “Even people who are completely comfortable being single can have their confidence shaken on a day that their peers are walking around with physical evidence of admiration and adoration.” In other words, you’re neither desperate nor bitter. You're just a human with feelings. (Imagine that!) So while you have no plans to sob into a pint of ice cream or internet-stalk your ex, it’s still a good idea to figure out exactly how you want to spend February 14 so that you have a happy day and feel like your normal, amazing self. Here are some activities that are healthy, fun, and as an added bonus are great to do on any of the other 364 days of the year.   1. Host a game night single on valentines day  There's nothing better than a good old-fashioned game night, especially when you're an adult and are free to throw booze and non-PG games into the mix.                              2.   Volunteer  “If you value giving love, not just receiving love, then there are other ways to give love besides being in a relationship, like volunteering and helping others,”. Swing by your local library, hospital, or Children Home, all of which need volunteers on a regular basis                     3. Give bouquets to the people you adore   Why not use this holiday to make all your special people feel loved? Buy a bunch of supermarket blooms and mix and match them to create unique bouquets. If you want to make the arrangements extra thoughtful, check out guides to flower meanings before you head to the store, and in a note, let your recipients know why you chose certain blossoms specifically for them.                       4. Sign up for your go-to workout class  Treating Valentine’s Day like a normal, boring day can feel best. Go about your usual, healthy routine instead of thinking you need to indulge, and ignore the voice that may be telling you to skip class because you assume you're the only who is going to show up. A lot of people, including couples, don't do anything out of the ordinary for the holiday.                     5. Celebrate friendship  If you didn't have a chance to celebrate with friends then round up your friends for a happy hour, relaxed dinner, movie night or all of the above on Valentine's Day. There's little chance of feeling lonely when you're surrounded by the best people you've ever met.                       6. Babysit for a deserving family Maybe it's a cousin with a new baby or a coworker overwhelmed with three kids, but chances are there is someone in your life that could desperately use a night off. Offer your babysitting services and spend an evening doing fun activities with some pint-size cuties. Even if they end up being pint-size terrors come bedtime, the love and appreciation you’ll get from their parents will make it all worth it.                   7. Practice meditation If you find yourself reminiscing about past Valentine’s Day dates or former relationships (and most importantly, if this habit leaves you feeling awful), sign up for a meditation class or download a great meditation apps. “Meditation can get your mind in the here and now,” says Taitz. This practice is worth learning even if you're not prone to bad trips down memory lane — it's linked to numerous health benefits and can help you find calm in the chaos no matter what day it is.                     8. Have a lazy night in  It's normal to feel pressured to do something exciting or "cool" on Valentine’s Day, similar to how people feel about New Year's Eve. “Forcing yourself to stay out to watch the ball drop when you’d rather lay low is not the best way to kick off the new year,” says Taitz. Same goes for forcing yourself to go out to a fancy dinner when you're not in the mood. If you’d be happiest chilling at home doing absolutely nothing (sounds glorious, right?), then do exactly that.
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Last modified on February 01 2021
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