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I'm hooked to Epepea

Embracing Online shopping in Kenya Embracing Online shopping in Kenya Online Shopping
My mom lives in a village tucked away on the slopes of mount Kenya in Meru county. I live an work in the US, Oklahoma to be precise. Whenever I speak to my mom on phone, she tells me how much she would love to get the modern cookers.  You know, the ones you cook on while standing. Yes those ones. I began the search for a perfect way to surprise her. I'd do this on her birthday...and so as I was looking for a convenient way to get my mom's order delivered to her right at her doorstep I bumped into Epepea.   I called up a number on their site and a lady with the most charming personality picked up and guided me on how to go about shopping.   I then made the payment. And my work was done. The next call I got was from my mother ullulating and singing. The last time I heard her singing in such high spirits was when I received the news that I had won a green card. This melted my heart.  I would recommend Epepea to anyone any day. It is not every day you fonf such quality service delivery. Thank you Epepea for making my mom's birthday rock!    Natasha.
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Last modified on January 24 2019
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