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How to Use Whatsapp for Business

How to Use Whatsapp for Business
How to Use WhatsApp for Businesses – Simple Tips to Follow You might think WhatsApp is just a simple tool! Don’t let the simplicity of WhatsApp deceive you. It is a business tool. So, how are you going to put WhatsApp to use in your business today?
No matter, whether you’re an eight years old toddler, or 18 years old college student or 50 years old starting a business, you are well aware of the word “WhatsApp”. WhatsApp has changed the world of communication and also it paves a new way on How to Use WhatsApp for Businesses to reach targeted audiences in a second. Now, with the addition to the snap-chat like features and status updates, it is now even easier for the businesses to attract customers even more. With over 1 billion active WhatsApp users and over 1 million users registering daily, WhatsApp is now being the leading platform to market your business.   1 . WhatsApp is a Great Tool for Promotion and Marketing Just like SMS and text message, WhatsApp can also be used as the great tool for marketing and promotion. Unlike email or SMS, it offers higher delivery rate and less restriction on the message format and character length. But still, that does  not mean spamming your customers with constant WhatsApp messages is a good idea. It is wiser to use this app for connecting with your target audience rather than reaching new users. Promote your business in a creative way! 2. WhatsApp is a Great Tool for Sharing Promotional Codes and Flash Sales With the new status feature, you can create special promotional codes for your customers and can share it with your customers to redeem the code. The status feature can let everyone in your contact list know about the promotions you are running. This could include a two-hour flash sale or a one day special to drive traffic and create buzz. 3. WhatsApp isn a Great Tool to Demo Your Product Whether you make your own products or just sell them as a retailer, you can demo them on by keeping it as your status and let your group know when you have a new item in your inventory. 4. WhatsApp is a Great Tool for Market Survey Via WhatsApp groups, you can get direct feedback from your customers which will improve transparency. Group discussions with customers, employees, suppliers or target audience can happen real-time on WhatsApp. A lot of suggestions and feedback are generated through such activities. 5. WhatsApp is a Great Tool for Sharing News If you have a special guest chef in your restaurant, a musician in your music store or a renowned architect in your firm, you can share this news with your audience by putting status updates. Or else you can also send a broadcast message to your customers with all the details regarding the event. Hope, now you might be aware of how to use WhatsApp for businesses! As a communication tool, WhatsApp continues to evolve and add more features like status and storytelling…. Etc. likely in the future. Share your comments below!
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Last modified on April 25 2018
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