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Valentine offers! Epepea has slapped a 40% offer on the Magic grill!

Magic Grill Magic Grill Magic Grill
Epepea has placed on offer the phenomenal smokeless and super-efficient Magic Electic grill. This is a Korean technology that can be used to grill anything from maize to cassava, to sausages, basically anything you need grilled! This magic grill has got your back. The Epepea Online Supermarket has reduced the prices of the grills from Sh10,000 to Sh6000 to take advantage of the upcoming valentines season. Take advantage of this selective offer and impress your loved ones this season. Enjoy an unlimited possibility when it comes to grilling anything at your home. This is certainly a smarter way to grill. The Magical Electric Grill gives you all the grilling power in a safe electric design. Simply plug and Grill.    
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Last modified on February 07 2019
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