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Everything you need to start an online store and sell online

Everything you need to start an online store and sell online
Everything you need to start an online store and sell online Selling online with your own online store has never been easier, faster, or more scalable. Impress your customers with a beautiful store.   The key part about selling online is Driving traffic to your store   Whether you haven't started marketing your new online store or have been trying to get sales without any luck, getting your first real customer is a key milestone for every ecommerce entrepreneur.  
But marketing takes time and it takes focus.   Why Traffic Is Especially Important For New Stores As the owner of a new online store, it's easy to fall under the "illusion of improvement", changing product images, second-guessing your pricing, and getting caught up in the details as you build a business behind closed doors. Real improvement, on the other hand, is only possible when you expose your business to the world. You can't really know what you're improving unless you establish a benchmark that you can quantify through hard numbers. That's why traffic is so important. You won’t know if there's any interest in your products if you don’t drive traffic. You won’t know if your prices are too high if you don’t drive traffic. You won’t know if your brand resonates with your intended audience if you don’t drive traffic.   That's why I propose a challenge: if your store is already registered online, spend the next 30 days focusing on driving traffic above all else. To help you with your marketing, we will focus on the Lowest hanging Fruit for you   Free Traffic Sources: Going After the Low-Hanging Fruit The first sources of traffic you should consider exploring are the free ones that involve sharing your store manually with your network and relevant online communities and groups. Since these sources of traffic are so easy to create and are available to every online store owner, they're a great place to start. Keep the following tips in mind as you tackle these traffic sources: 1. Consider offering a discount to entice people to at least check your store out. 2. Add your store link to your personal online profiles (such as your facebook profile or your twitter profile), so that every action you take online has the potential to drive traffic back to your store. 3. Don't spam the same audience repeatedly with low quality promotional messages.   What about Tapping Into Your Personal Networks Many entrepreneurs get their first few sales from their personal connections and there's nothing wrong with that. So share your store on your personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts to announce it to your entire network. Consider also emailing your closest connections directly to get the word out about your online store. Ensure to ask them to share - they don't need to buy from you to show you their support. While any sales you get this way aren’t going to be as satisfying as when you earn a complete stranger’s trust as a customer, this is a good way to solicit early feedback. If you don't get any sales from this, don't be discouraged as this is the least qualified source of traffic. Recommend for Everyone (since we all have friends/family/coworkers), but especially those who are already fairly active online with large personal networks on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or LinkedIn. Post on Forums, Facebook Groups, etc. Don't underestimate the value of putting a link to your store in the right place. Forums like Facebook Groups represent an opportunity to reach people who have organized themselves around specific interests. Just do a search for interests that relate to your business. Share a link to your store in the groups that your target customers frequent. You'll have more success if you are already an active member.
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Last modified on January 14 2019
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