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How to Sending shopping Home from Diaspora

How to Sending shopping Home from Diaspora
Do you realise that you can actually touch other peoples lives even if not near them. You will agree with me that sending money to someone is not the same as sending them the actual shopping to them though
they might cost the same. The effect of shopping will last more than the cash sent. Doing shopping requires some thought in their day to day lives and connecting with them. You can shop online and the shopping will be delivered to them. I have to share this, just recently I got to shop for a mum of one of my friend's who lives in UK. Am very sure she normally sends her cash but you should have seen the smile on the mum when I delivered the shopping. I also got to deliver Mother's day flowers to another client, the joy or surprise, was great, not sure she even continued working since the flowers were delivered in the office. As I entered her office, you could see on many faces alot of questions like, hope its mine! Surprise a loved one and this will go along way this Christmas festival. How can I forget to share about my sister doing shopping for her brother in law. She actually asked him to pick what he wanted for the specified amount of money. She gave him a chance to shop but not pay. He was so excited, I got a rare chance to be introduced to everyone in the office. Thats what surprise to a loved one does. In the next issue, I tell you how you can actually shop or donate to a children's home or a needy person that you know or even don't know. cheers!!!!!!!
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Last modified on January 14 2019
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