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Fun in the Supermarket Isles

Fun in the Supermarket Isles
Browsing the supermarket aisle is always fun, but doing it week after week can get old, especially if you have other errands to take care of. It's important to be more efficient when shopping for groceries to avoid wasting time and potentially forgetting some grocery essentials. Here are a couple of tips that will help you be more organized:
1. Keep a list. Lists are always crucial to organization, and just to make sure you don't forget anything or buy unnecessary items, document your weekly grocery needs. There are plenty of ways to do so — you can keep your own Google Doc, a text document, or a simple notepad by the fridge to note when you run out of an item. Though this is not always practical but a good practice. There are websites that will let you reoder or even have several shopping carts and you can create several shopping lists. The lists can be anything from you breakfast list to your mega monthly shopping list. 2. Shop online.  Experiment with grocery shopping websites and consider keeping a running list of groceries that you can reorder on websites like Epepea. Remember when shopping online look out for offers and coupons, some websites will let you redeem your coupon at checkout. 3. Time it well. Pick the right time to go grocery shopping. You want to avoid going to the supermarket when there are crowds, because shopping and waiting in line for the cashier may take longer than usual. It's also good to go before the supermarket rush because most items like vegetables and fruits will be in stock; this will prevent you from having to go back if a certain item was not available. The best days to shop are Mondays through to Wednesday and 10th to 20th so be sure to pick up the crowd patterns.  
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Last modified on December 04 2018
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