Today’s visit to the supermarket or nearby shop to purchase sanitary pads is now becoming an exciting trip, as I discovered just recently.

First off, I discovered some very attractively packed Softcare sanitary pads, a packet of ten towels that singer Size 8 is pushing. On their packet, they say it is a maxi thick pad that has been developed using new technology.

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Then I noticed it is from a Tanzanian manufacturer. I must say they have put some thought and market research into this product, because they are redefining how products should be presented, going by how I was convinced to add this product on my shopping basket. I bought this pack that also promises two extra panty liners, because I have had satisfying experiences with most products that Size 8 has pushed on the market. The manufacturer has gone an extra step to provide a resealable packet for the towels that are as close to a cottony feel.

The supermarket shelves are today spoilt for choice when it comes to the hygiene towels for girls and women. There are all ranges of pads, from those that cater to light flow, targeting adolescents who usually have light flow. There are also heavier pads, best suited for overnight use, and for mothers due to heavy flow. Pads can go for as low as Sh50 ($ 0.50) to as high as Sh400 ($4) as what is being displayed by Always 100% organic pads, which are now in the market. These new organic pads have come in response to years of women’s complaints on the old feel Always which was more of a pain when they are worn, bringing itchiness and other allergic reactions.

Another gap that manufacturers need to seal is the problem of leaking pads where however well done it is, it could embarrass its user when the sides buckle. This again is solved by requiring users to change their pad after an hour or two. But what if you are travelling and have no access to a restroom?

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