Women around the globe are encouraged to go braless on October 13th every year to promote breast cancer awareness, remind them to get screening and conduct self-examination on a regular basis.

In the eyes of some people, it is a controversial event but the aim is to raise breast cancer awareness and in some cases, even raise funds to support victims.

No bra day was launched in 2011 by Dr. Mitchelle Brown

According to a research published in the ‘European journal of cancer’ in 1991, premenopausal women who do not wear bras reuce the risk of breast cancer by half compared to bra users. A more reliable research published in 2014 in ‘Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention’, howeer, questioned the research and showed that there is no relationship between breast cancer and brassiers.

Putting on a bra may not be a health risk, but an ill-fitted bra can cause damage to the rib cage and result in back and neck discomfort. On the other hand, a well-fitting bra equally distributes the weight of the boos and may help lift them off the rib cage, making it easier to breath.

Bras protect our breasts and keep them from bouncing during workout and involving activities. Sometimes, they may be a bit uncomfortable. Either way, it is good to go braless on no-bra day or any day to celebrate your set of twins.


Go to social media and raise breast cancer awareness on social media. You can tag your friends and also encourage them to share the posts on their social media, probably using the hashtag #NoBraDay. Share infographics and educational pieces of information on your social media platforms. We will share some of them at the end of this article.

Raise some funds to support victims of breast cancer. If you know of someone or an organization that supports breast cancer, you can pool some funds and donate to them. If you can make crafted items that are related to breast cancer awareness, sell them and use the proceeds to support victims of breast cancer.

Visit your doctor for a self-examintaion. Encourage your friends too, to go and have their set of twins checked.

Here are some of the infographics and educative content you can share online;

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