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Gift Ideas and Hampers

This is an initiative to support a childrens home or an orphanage by helping to...

A Meal at a Childrens Home Hamper

9 000.00 KES each
10 apples, 10 oranges, 2 Grapes OR 1 Grape and 3 Kiwi, 4pcs mango OR 1 sweet mel...

Fruit Basket Large

3 600.00 KES each
6 apples, 6 oranges, 3 avacados, 1 Red Grapes or 3 Kiwi, 4pcs mangoes/ 1 sweet m...

Fruit Basket Small

2 000.00 KES each
1pc cauliflower and 2pcs brocolli, 2kg onions, 2kg tomatoes, 5kg potatoes, 2kg c...

Mixed Fruit & Vegetables Basket Large

5 500.00 KES each
Customize the mug with your image and message of choice. You can put the name an...

Customized White Mugs

500.00 KES each

Heart Themed Customized Thermal Mug

1 000.00 KES each
Get a customized thermal mug, send us your picture and message on Whatsapp numbe...

Doctors Love Themed Thermal Mug

1 000.00 KES each
Get a mug that glows in the dark, the mug will be customized with your image and...

Glow in the Dark Customized Mug

750.00 KES each
Regular Ticket for The Most Wanted Comedy Night...

Regular_The Most Wanted Comedy Night

400.00 KES each
VIP Tickets for The Most Wanted Comedy Night...

VIP_The Most Wanted Comedy Night

1 000.00 KES each
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