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Mentos Cherry Mint 7Pc 10G



60.00KES60.00 KES each

We Deliver at Your Door Step

We Deliver at Your Door Step

Mentos Cherry Mint 7Pc 10G
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Testimonials of Shoppers

Epepea service was great, it made it possible for me to surprise my mum. She was so happy. The services are spot on.
Njeri Eric Mum
Go Winnie Ikatwa congrats.... u r the amazon n ebay of kenya.
Christine Miriko
I shopped in the morning and my mum had her stuff before midday. I'll use them again and again and again. It's a trustworthy business and I would recommend it to anyone especially people in the diaspora.
Njeri Eric Mum
Thanks for the good service always!
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