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Daisy Adhiambo | Founder Washroom Accessories

Daisy Adhiambo Daisy Adhiambo Felistar Nduta

In this week’s vendor’s blog, we featured Daisy Adhiambo, the founder of Washroom Accessories Kenya.

She is currently a student, at University of Nairobi, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Management. Her business (as the name of the business suggests), mainly deals with washroom accessories, that is; disposable seat covers, and add on bidet attachments.

She started the business in November 2017. She took the risk of introducing a product that neither do many people know of, nor do they find any use of using it.That was risky, right? 

But she says God has been faithful so far. So, how and why did she start her business? She says she is a “toilet freak “and she has had many bad and awful instances with pathetically maintained washrooms. The latest, and the one which inspired her to start her business venture was when she had gone to a higher learning institution in Kenya, to apply for a graduate degree. “The toilets were a mess! “she exclaims in disgust(and probably with regret of why she went there in the first place). All here normal tactics of hovering, patching, etc could not be applicable as a result of fearing to use them, she ended up peeing on herself, at her age! “This was torture” she says, and that’s when the idea of finding ways to enhance better hygiene in washrooms in our society. That was a blessing in disguise, right?   How did she come to know about epepea? She maximizes a lot on her social media presence especially on Facebook, This is where the founder and C.E.O of Epepea (Winnie Gacheri) was interested in her products. She gave a her a call, and she scheduled a delivery meeting, (She always replies promptly when her clients request for her services). It was then that Winnie, the C.E.O and founder of Epepea online supermarket, noticed she sounded so low and that’s when she opened up about her entrepreneurial journey to her. She was about to give up. She says Winnie was so warm, encouraging, inspiring, she could tell she was God sent, she was not just an ordinary person. She says Winnie’s Journey in the online platform was soon inspiring. She encouraged her to keep pressing on for nothing good comes easy, and what she needed to do was to be visible out there, and make her brand visible.   How has been her journey since she discovered Epepea? Winnie encouraged her to sign up as a vendor on Epepea's Online Platform as a vendor, where she could post her products and sell her products online. She signed up immediately and uploaded her items to the platform. She calls the first week the breakthrough week, she calls it so because that was the week she decided to push on completely. On epepea platform, she had around three to four orders that week she says that was a tremendous improvement. She was amazed at how easy it was to sell online and to leverage on the network and since then, she has had so many clients and is so grateful to epepea. ” Yaani! That week it was my miracle only, Winnie can tell how I went from grass to grace within a week where the lows were more than the highs in that season,'" she says with a lot of excitement and joy. She appreciates the two most important lessons Winnie taught her about starting a business; patience and visibility. She taught her that things take time, but vendors must continue putting their brand names out there for growth purposes. In conclusion about her journey in epepea,” I can say now I have clients from epepea since I signed up this year and I would encourage more vendors to sign up! Especially startups...visibility is key.”   Future plans? She is looking forward to adding new washroom accessory range of services and products, to serve their clients more efficiently.   What challenges has she experienced? Currently the main challenge is the fact that people don’t know how to use this products and the washroom etiquette rules are not observed therefore a lot of awareness has to be created in regards to this.      
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Last modified on January 14 2019
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