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Shine your Sink | Shiny Sink 101

Shiny Sink 101


Many members have asked, “How do I clean my sink until it shines?”

To answer this question, Epepea wrote this on it, “Shiny Sink 101.”

Here’s to a great shine!


Follow this procedure the first time you shine your sink. You do NOT need to follow this method every day. Just keep up the shine with a little window cleaner. I want you to smile from ear to ear when you gaze upon your shiny sink. I have heard every excuse in the world. Even old sinks can look new again with a little elbow grease.

Here is how you do it:

Note: Be sure to rinse well between each step!

Take all the dishes out of the sink. Run some very hot water into the sink and fill it to the rim. If you have a two-sided sink, only do one side at a time. Then, pour a cup of household bleach into the hot water. Let it sit for one hour. Now, pull the plug with a pair of tongs. If you don’t have tongs, then scoop some of the water out of the sink into the other sink and use your hand to pull the plug.

Make sure you wear gloves so the bleach doesn’t irritate your skin, and don’t get the bleach water on your clothes. Rinse your sink well. Use some powdered cleanser ( baking soda) and scrub your sink. Be sure to rinse ALL of the cleanser from the sink.

Take a sharp edge, such as a toothpick, and clean around the rim of the sink, just like you would clean dirt out from under your fingernails. Clean around the faucets. You may need an old toothbrush or dental floss.

Now, get out your window cleaner; I use Windex. Give it a good shine. If you still don’t like the way it looks, then you can try some car wax.

Just know in your heart that you have cleaned it very well now, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Our perfectionism is what got us in this situation in the first place!

Every time you run water in your sink, take your clean dishtowel and dry it out (I lay out a clean one every night as part of my before-bed routine). Before you know it, you will be doing this everytime you leave your kitchen! The rest of the family will, too. No more water spots. You will have a clean and shiny sink.

Don’t have a fit if someone doesn’t take as much pride in your sink as you do. It is very easy to fix. You have already done the hard part; you will never have to go through this process again.

Daily maintenance will keep it looking this way all the time. Nasty, hurtful words are not as easy to repair. Just be sure and tell your family what you are trying to do. They will think you have gone crazy.

Clean out a place under your sink and put a bucket or a basin with a lid in there. Teach your family that instead of putting their dirty dishes and glasses in the sink, place them into the bucket under your sink.

Get into the habit of putting your dishes away as soon as they have been washed and are dry. No more leaving the dish-drying rack on the counter or in the sink. Put it away under the sink when you have finished. If your old one is nasty, you may want to soak it in the sink full of bleach water at the same time you soak the sink, or go buy a new set. To ensure that your family remembers this, put a note in the sink. It will get their attention and remind them where to put the dishes. Be patient! They have never been taught, either.

 If you still can’t get it to shine after the Windex, put a light coat of oil or olive oil on it. I mean just a tiny bit on a cloth and rub it. This will make you smile. 

Go Shine Your Sink!


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Last modified on May 04 2018
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