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Bringing a personal touch...we don't just deliver- Winnie Ikatwa- CEO Epepea

When she got a call to deliver shopping for a Client's mother in Syokimau, Winnie Ikatwa of Epepea did not know she would do more than just deliver.

Upon arrival at the client's mom's place, she found a feeble ailing lady. 
"You see my client lives outside the country. So she contacted me through our platform and requested me to deliver the items"
Winnie immediately called the client and informed her of the mom's condition.
This moved the family into action and the client's brother swung into action and the mother was then attended to. 
"These are some of the beauties of bringing a personal touch in the work that we do. We do not just make deliveries...we check in on them as well" Winnie said.
Epepea has been around for more than six years and has made a huge impact in the country's online shopping experience.
In the coming year, the platform has a lot in store to bring out the best in your shopping experience.
Stay tuned! 

Why Epepea

When you shop from Epepea, you not only get convenience there is more to it.

We'll take you through the benefits:


When you shop at Epepea, you get your items delivered to your home within the shortest time possible. This also includes the traffic factor. you can rest assured that your items will definitely get to any part of the country within at least three hours.

Home Deliveries

At Epepea, we don't drop off the items to your nearest shopping centre, no we take them straight to your home. So if you are shopping for either a new mom or aging parents, you can be sure the items will get straight to them.

We bring a Personal touch

Look at it this way, you live abroad and would like to to check on your folks as well as bring their favorite tea leaves, or detergent to them from the supermarket. You can trust Epepea to do this, and even have them document the whole thing for you to feel close to your family from miles away. Trust us on this.


We work with various brands from across the globe that inform us on the offers and promotions they are currently running. If and when you shop with us, you get to benefit from these amazing offers and promotions which come with great value for money!


This goes without saying that given we work with major brands, we get products from them, and therefore the question of counterfeit is eliminated from this value chain. 

New Products

When a new product hits the market, we may just choose you to be our sampling client, which means you get to be the first to test the quality of new products as well as give the much needed feedback to the brands.

Now go online and get shopping, don't let any amazing deal pass you by!



I'm hooked to Epepea

Embracing Online shopping in Kenya

My mom lives in a village tucked away on the slopes of mount Kenya in Meru county.

I live an work in the US, Oklahoma to be precise. Whenever I speak to my mom on phone, she tells me how much she would love to get the modern cookers. 

You know, the ones you cook on while standing. Yes those ones. I began the search for a perfect way to surprise her. I'd do this on her birthday...and so as I was looking for a convenient way to get my mom's order delivered to her right at her doorstep I bumped into Epepea.


I called up a number on their site and a lady with the most charming personality picked up and guided me on how to go about shopping.


I then made the payment. And my work was done. The next call I got was from my mother ullulating and singing. The last time I heard her singing in such high spirits was when I received the news that I had won a green card. This melted my heart. 

I would recommend Epepea to anyone any day. It is not every day you fonf such quality service delivery. Thank you Epepea for making my mom's birthday rock! 



I love shopping at Epepea they're very reliable

Embracing Online shopping in Kenya

When contacted Winnie for a last minute shopping last Christmas, I was impressed by the speed at which she moved to deliver my items to their destination.

What amazes me is that she even went a mile ahead and looked for items that were not available on her online shop. This service beyond just doing business.


I would recommend Epepea to anyone out there looking for a reliable,fast and honest firm that works on bringing a personal touch in their work. 

My parent's Christmas was made enjoyable and memorable.

I'm definitely coming back to shop some more.


Thank you Epepea!




This is from our valued client. We are very happy when we hear such amazing reviews from our valued customers.

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