How to Set Up a Marketing Plan for Your Cake Business

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How to Set Up a Marketing Plan for Your Cake Business

About Cake Businesses

As a cake professional, you understand the importance of baking a delectable cake that inspires guests to ask, "Who made this cake?"

Taste alone is not enough to market your cake business to potential clients, so it's important to develop a marketing plan that helps promote your baking services.

1. Create a clear profile of your target market; build an outline identifying the age, gender, income level, education level, lifestyle, hobbies and interests of the customers you plan to market your cakes to. This profile will help you develop marketing strategies and tactics to attract your core customers. For example, you may plan to focus on creating gourmet engagement and wedding cakes for 20- to 30-something-year-old couples who are headed to the altar.

2. Consider which geographical areas you plan to market your cakes to and what type of competition, such as bakeries and grocery stores, exists in those areas. Compare your product offerings to your competitors' by outlining the types of cakes you plan to sell and whether you plan to offer other services, such as cake decorating classes.

3. Perform a S.W.O.T. analysis to outline the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist in your cake business and how your business can react to them. For example, a strength of your bakery may be the culinary education you and your staff have earned while a weakness may be the limited storage space at your bakery. Similarly, an opportunity may be the fact that you're the only homemade cake baker within a 500m radius while a threat might be a mobile bakery that visits your area bi-weekly.

4. Develop a list of marketing objectives and goals. Your goals and objectives may include: inform the community about your bakery, partner with complementary businesses, participate in community outreach programs and get media coverage in local publications.

5. Create a marketing budget for your cake business. Epepea suggests that entrepreneurs dedicate up to 10 percent of their sales or projected sales to marketing purposes. The newer your business, the more you should spend on marketing so you can increase your business's visibility.

6. Develop a list of tactics that will help you achieve your goals and objectives, and that are within your budget. For example, you might decide to participate in cause marketing by donating a cake or cupcakes to one nonprofit event per month, pitching stories to at least three relevant media outlets/blogs per month, connecting with local supermarkets/stores to see if they'll buy your cakes at a wholesale price and distribute them, implementing a direct marketing campaign advertising your services to households with kids, setting up social media pages to display pictures of your cakes or hosting giveaways.

7. Identify how you plan to measure your results before you implement them. For example, you might expect that a press release would lead a journalist to publish a story about your cake business or a social media page dedicated to your business attract 20 new followers per month.

8. Track your results to determine which marketing activities best position you to achieve your business goals and objectives.


Diaper Brands




What are diapers? A diaper is a baby nappy.

Baby diapers are a must have as they help to keep your baby in a dry and comfortable state.

There are different types of baby diapers available in the Kenyan market today. They include cloth and disposable diapers. Disposable diapers are the most popular because of their convenience. Just like any other baby clothing, diapers are a necessity from newborns to potty training age, these diapers are available in different brands ranging from Pampers, Huggies, Snuggles, Bouncy, Soft care among others.


Their pricing vary from one brand to another. Pricing also differs depending on size and packaging. You can either buy them in bulk or in small quantities.

  • Smaller packs range from 150.
  • Medium packs range from 1000.
  • Jumbo packs range from 3500.


Kenyan mothers are spoilt for choice as brands flood supermarket shelves, with about 20 brands in the market, continued innovation  by existing dealers and entrants in the market is the new battle filed, Pampers is the market leader in Kenya but huge competitors such as Huggies, Bouncy and Snuggles are also indulging in  business.


Huggies diapers are designed to give your baby a comfy fit. They feature Leak Lock system that helps to lock in leaks for up to 12 hours of protection.

Their wetness indicator lets you know when to change your baby’s diaper. The double grip strips provides a comfortable fit for the baby.




Pampers Diapers are made from breathable and soft materials. The diaper has a snug stretchy sides which flex and move with your baby as the baby plays or sleeps. Baby’s urine is usually locked away from the baby to a layer of an absorbent core, so as to keep your baby dry and comfortable. An important component of pamper diapers is super absorbent gel which absorbs wetness in order to keep your baby dry. They have a light, baby fresh scent that is non-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. They are available in a number of sizes.



Bouncy Diapers have a special wet indicator, they have super absorbency top sheet to keep baby fresh and dry for a long time. They are manufactured by Interconsumer Products Limited. They are available in 3 different sizes.


Snuggles diapers feature a longer dry layer for all night protection, they are super absorbent. The diapers have a cloth like breathable cover that is soft to your baby’s soft skin. They have a stretchy waistband for active play.


Epepea Online Supermarket would love to know which diaper you choose and why?






Daisy Adhiambo | Founder Washroom Accessories

Daisy Adhiambo

In this week’s vendor’s blog, we featured Daisy Adhiambo, the founder of Washroom Accessories Kenya.

She is currently a student, at University of Nairobi, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Management. Her business (as the name of the business suggests), mainly deals with washroom accessories, that is; disposable seat covers, and add on bidet attachments.

She started the business in November 2017. She took the risk of introducing a product that neither do many people know of, nor do they find any use of using it.That was risky, right? 

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