The prices of fuel in our beautiful motherland have been increased, again. Isn’t this just absurd? Things are getting out of hand and the common mwananchi is tired. Many Kenyans have taken to social media to lament about the recent increase in fuel prices, which is a direct cause for the increase in prices of other household commodities.

EPRA (the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority), on September 14th, made the disheartening statement. Following the implementation of the 4.97% excise duty, the prices will shoot to a historical high. This, however, is subject to approval or disapproval by the Treasury Cabinet Secretary. The prices are expected to rise from October 1st, 2021.

The statement records that Kerosene increased by KES 12.97, going at a retail price of KES 110.82 per liter; super petrol going for KES 134.72, a KES 7.56 increment; and diesel to retail at KES 115.60 KES, an increment of KES 7.94 in Nairobi. The revised rates for excise duty have been adjusted for inflation following legal notice no.194 of 2020. 

Fuel prices always affect a majority of other sectors and we expect to see an increase in the cost of living.


It is the assertion of many Kenyans that this is a consequence of going to the ballot without careful consideration of those we want to lead us. It is a result of bad choices and voting in the line of tribes.

Kenyans are crying and yearning that this madness of milking Kenyans dry should come to an end. How can the president admit that he cannot do anything about KES 2 billion lost daily to corruption and still sit back and do nothing when taxpayers are being drained of their little income? Or is it the MP’s who pass the section of laws being quoted in the increment that should be on the receiving end? Either way, they were voted in by the taxpayers. 

Now that times are tough, they are not only tough for those who did not vote for the current regime. We don’t hear anyone yapping about the ‘watu wetu’ or ‘mtu wetu’ phrase. Everyone is sober and complaining, and it will remain so until it is time to vote for the next regime. Is it that the brains of taxpayers come to a stop at the ballot and they, for a moment, forget all the struggles and go for ‘mtu wetu’?

It’s time we do something more than just complain. It’s time we stop letting the government run the country like it’s owned by just a few powerful people. It’s time few intelligent leaders, if any, stand in the gap. It’s time we all join hands and stop this madness. If it means peaceful demonstrations to let the government know that we are suffering then so be it. Well, when the people are smart, the corrupt can’t easily accomplish their goals.


If all fails and prices still go up, we will still have to survive somehow. How do we go about such?

  • Live within your means. Even the little most Kenyans have is barely enough for them but with whatever little you have, live within your means. There are a lot of unnecessary things you may be purchasing and you need to cut them down so that you can channel those resources to more important needs. Sometimes they are small and cost little money so we don’t notice that in the long run, they cost us much.
  • Do not succumb to pressure. There is a lot of pressure on social media. Everyone thinks everyone else is living their best lives but nobody seemingly remembers that people rarely post their failures. If you start by closing your eyes to the pressure of media and just, be you, you will probably end up spending less and still live a comfortable life.
  • Find a side hustle. If you have some extra time off work; you can find some online work or a small business to do of work hours. Money is never enough. The more you have, the more you want. Bills keep coming, everyone wants to attain financial freedom someday. If you have only one source of income, it may be impossible to comfortably pay your bills. It is wise to find an alternative to your main source of income. Furthermore, anything can happen. Businesses fail, people get laid off, pandemics hit, emergencies happen, and you don’t know when that small business or side hustle will be your savior.
  • Lastly, remember to remain sober when you walk into the ballot. 
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