Not your Dad's Small business; new trends

Not your Dad's Small business; new trends

Not your Dad's small shop

In Kenya today, there are over 10 million retail shop, but the surprise is that there are not 10 million unique products. Instead there are 10 million retailers competing in a few hundred markets. 

Am not trying to discourage you or depress you, but to merely point out that whatever you are trying to do for your retail shop, someone else out there is probably doing the same. This does not mean you shut yours, close and go under the covers. Ofcourse not anything close to that!

Its not enough to stock a great product anymore. What differentiates a great quality product from another is the unique product marketing tactics and sales pitches. In this saturated market, it calls for coming up with corresponding marketing campaigns that will create attention  about how unique you are and speaks to your target audience.

Differentiating your business might mean seeking out non-traditional buyers, thinking of new ways of selling old products, or coming out with products names that shock and amaze. 

Selling online allows you to sell and target customers outside of your location and preference. This increases the population of the possible customers. 

In our next issue we will talk about the reasons you should be selling online and what you should do to outsmart your competitors in this saturated market.




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Last modified on May 04 2018
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