Pancakes, cookies, mandazis, pastries, chapatis, cakes…anything made with EXE automatically goes from 0-100! Real talk. You can expect nothing else but yummy results. This is the same story being told by East Africa’s baker of the year winner of 2019, Beatrice Muteru. According to the vibrant artistic and creative lady, Exe brings out a great textrure in cakes. “We love how the texture that the flour brings out in our cakes,” She told Epepea in an interview. Mrs Muteru has trained more than thousands of students  since she began her baking school. She has invested a lot in the pastry business and that’s what makes her preferences outstanding. She is definitely a baker’s voice in many ways. EXE gives you the chance to get creative in the kitchen with the range of products; they include: EXE All-purpose, EXE Self-raising, EXE Chapati, EXE Atta Mark, EXE Brown Bread and EXE Mandazi. All these are available online at Epepea





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