Imagine this: 

You are an employee. Your schedule ranges from 8 am to 5 pm or even later and much earlier than that at times. But that doesn’t make it any better because more time is spent in traffic.

Then something pops up in your mind. “I NEED TO DO SHOPPING” but you look at your timetable and think. Do I skip lunch and go shopping; keeping in mind that sometimes these supermarkets are located away from your workplace. And by the time you get back, there will be no time to bite a thing.

 This is where Epepea supermarket comes in handy. The same way you spare 3 minutes or so to check your mail is the very same way you will log on to the Epepea website click the products you need, choose your mode of payment and have them delivered either at your home, your loved one’s residence, or at your preferred destination.

 See how you miss your relatives back at home? You still can’t find time to go see them often and sometimes sending money to them on the phone losses the warm connection intended.

 How nice would it be if someone delivered flour, salt, cooking oil, detergents, and all the virtual cooking essentials to your mum? We go a step further and link you with your family-based in various parts of the country. This indeed is an act of touching lives and increasing bonding as we make work much easier for you.

 This does not apply only to the locals but people in different parts of the world and have their desired shopping delivered to their relatives in Kenya.

 This is a magical feeling you want to take advantage of especially now that things have been made much easier for you. Epepea provides convenient, safe, simple, and satisfactory ways to send or receive household groceries.

Established in 2011, has partnered with various vendors from different industries to enable customers to access a variety of goods. The vendors can have their items placed on the featured products page to improve visibility and boost sales.

At Epepea, users experience the best online shopping experience and have the goods delivered to their preferred destination within hours. Whether it’s shopping for self or others, fast and reliable services to all customers is a guarantee.

Epepea is open 24 hours and delivers a range of household groceries, ranging from fresh food & groceries, drinks, laundry agents, pest killers, air fresheners, disinfectants, toilet rolls, body lotions, hair care products, body sprays, childcare products, pet food, general-purpose items, and ready shopping baskets.

Epepea does not just deliver goods, it also listens to customers and stories. A blog is available on Epepea’s website and anyone who would like to share their stories can have them written and posted. There are articles about a range of topics notably brand & product news, household & living, health & lifestyle, About us, Inspirational, business, recipes & cooking, gift tips, and sports.

To place an order at epepea;

  • Log in to
  • At the top bar, click on ‘shop’ and select your preferred store
  • Find the items you want to order and click ‘add to cart’
  • Once you have added everything you want to the cart, click on ‘proceed to checkout’ and follow the payment instructions on the checkout page to make payment.

If you still have questions about Epepea, call 0723519114 or send an email to

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