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We Help You Complete That Look with Trendy Outfits

There is no denying that finding a trendy outfit in is era is a pain in the neck -there are all manner of fashion styles available nowadays, which makes it easy for anyone to get lost in the noise. However, this should not be the case, especially with our well-chosen pieces -shoes, bras, panties, carpets and mats, mosquito nets, shirts, and khaki trousers.
It is not every other day you come across amazing and competitive clothing deals. With us, you will find everything that you need to Complete That Look.

1. Seamless panties:

you won't have to worry about the pantie line showing over your skirts or dresses anymore. Besides, our panties come in different material and design -we can
Ksh. 200; Wholesale (3 pairs): Ksh.185
throw in a few thongs, and g-strings as well.

2. Bras:

We have a variety of these. Ever wanted one of those bikinis you see with your favorite celebrity lying on sandy beaches?
We got them.

3. Mosquito nets:

Talk of stylish nets to give you a peaceful night -you will not have to dread going to bed anymore since the mosquito buzzes a few centimeters off your bed will only soothe you to sleep. We have round and square nets in different colors and design.

4. Khaki trousers

Don't be left by fashion trends; not when we have the best khaki trousers.
Ksh. 1200 Wholesale (3 pairs): Ksh.1100

5. Slim fit shirts:

Look at the guy beside you and you will notice that you are the odd one out. We can help you Complete That Look with a slim, fitting, and elegant shirt.
Retail -Ksh. 1200; Wholesale (5 pairs) -Ksh.1100

6. Shoes

We have all types of shoes -rubbers, official, and loafers.
Ksh. 1599
Ksh. 1599
Retail Ksh. 5799; Wholesale (2 pairs): Ksh.5500

7. Mats and carpets:

How often do you receive visitors in your house? have you noticed that most of them do not want to get their shoes off as they enter your house? It is so cold but we can warm it up with either soft, shaggy, or fluffy mats/carpets.

8. Home-made necklaces, bracelets, anklets, waist beads

Talk to us today, we got the missing piece of your look. Let us Complete That Look

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